Thursday, May 10, 2012

Artist statement and analysis

True colors. Two words that defines twelve varying pieces, where every stroke holds meaning, every dab and smudge is a part of me, part of the series. True colors is the study of human qualities, the curve of the lips, every last exquisite feature beautifully captured in twelve one of a kind paintings. The supreme focus being the inner self. Using colors society associates with emotions, I composed intertwined personalities. Focused on showing people as they are and not as they seem.

My concentration demonstrates my idea or theme by formation and situation of the individual pieces branded as a whole, a family. The main theme being personality rooted it explores my visualization on society’s obsession on appearance. First impressions are purely image structured. The first impression my artwork should make is who that individual is, soul and mentality. Each has respectively reached the desired status. Each has its own personality, feeling and persona. Portrait seven has a loosely blitz painted background that is swallowing the subject, the personality is forceful, every last inch secretes who she is. Portrait five has a thick, fused background that represents the continuous flow of his personality. Portrait twelve’s subtle but vivid background prods the gravity of the foreground, the shine of the leather, diverse shades of grey along the cheek bones and up turned corners of the lips. The relaxed background symbolizes his undefined and rounded personality. Every picture has a thousand words but, a painting has more than words, it has soul, personality and truth which live in each brush stroke, inside the thick pigment; the core. My concentration without a doubt demonstrates my honest belief in beauty within. I only hope my series gives off my passion and personality as well as the subject’s true selves. 

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