Sunday, April 29, 2012

Finished: John

I wanted to mix up the way that I layed out my painting for my concentration which led to putting him behind all the colors and coming out. This piece has extra elements then the other pieces just to make it different but mix well into the series.

Finished: Christian

I absolutely loved making this piece because of the contrast of the background and the subject. I learned new ways of mixing paints and how to makes features on the face more smooth and flowing.

Finished: Colleen

By creating a piece where the subject was upside down added a new look the the series and also pushed this persons personality. I created the background to suit Colleen on a personal level. Vibrante and outgoing.

Finished: Maddy

Maddy is an extremely colorful and powerful person meaning that a powerful attention demanding background was needed. My inspiration came from Picaso.

Finished: Ben

Knowing Ben on an up close and personal level helped me achieve my goal of fully exspressing him through the background and composition. I allowed the red to show through his shirt to show that everyone has weak spots.

Finished: Rebecca

I softened certain features on Rebecca and pushed other such as her eyes and hair, both being remarkable. I chose to have her merging from the background as if she is swimming in her personality.

Finished: Nick

Finished: Deveney

I used up an even division of the canvas by making her take up half and the background take up the remaining half. As her highlighted trait or feature I have a ballet pointe shoe in the bottom left. I did not add too much detail so that it wouldn't pull too much attention away from Deveney.

Finished: Jessica

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blocking in and Shading: Jessica

Finished: Aaron

Finished: Jordyn Julae

Blocking in and shading: Colleen

Final stages: Nick

blocking in and forming: Rebecca

Final stages: Maddy

Artist Statement 3

The theme for my concentration is "True Colors". It's a series showing how people look and how they truely are, hence the name. Bt painting each subject in grey scale; it pushes how looks and appearances are artificial. With varing colorful backgrounds each persoanlity can be exposed down to the bare bones. The idea came upon me when taking a photograph of a friend, featured in the series, she looked to have several different shades and hues because of how the lighting hit. After spending weeks with the series, I found it to be true. Each person has many hues and shades that create who they truely are. By emhancing one main rememberale thing or feature of the subjects i have completed their personalities. For instance, I enhanced aaron's tee shirt with water color to show how his clothing always reflects how he is, what you see is what you get. In all the art classes I've attended I didn't truely flex my strengths or learned as much as I did in Advanced Placemet Art Studio.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Artist statement draft 2

For concentration I have decided to select "True Colors" which is a series that shows people important to me as they are and not what you see. I found by studying each subject up close and personal, each has something very unique and characteristic about them. The close constant study allows me to capture each individuals' beauty in a true painterly flowing format. Each is unique but each has a strong tie to each other making it the ideal concentration. I first became interested when taking a phtotgraph of a friend and the way the lighting hit, she had several different tones.